James Cramer in Ocean Grove, NJ, USA

@DAD7519 All weekends are too short but it was still a total pleasure!!! I love Ocean Grove , NJ so so chh

by jimcramer    2 years ago

Jim Cramer in New Orleans, LA, USA

The WWII museum in New Orleans has all of the landings Pop made with the Sixth in the Pacific. Pretty amazing stuff

Jim Cramer in NBC Building, New York, NY, USA

This guy is real deal on CNBC right now. Birinyi total green light--and he is the best; @ScottWapnerCNBC .He is must watch

Jim Cramer in Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Emotions: I love Nova and Harvard and betting against them is tough...

Jim Cramer in New York Times, New York, NY, USA

I do not care for either $HLF or for the way that Ackman is handling himself as described by the New York Times. I am pro-activism, though

Jim Cramer in Louisiana, USA

Prepping for trip to Louisiana to discover the new tech of shale and oil drilling and job creation #Mad Money: Invest in America

Jim Cramer in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA

Just got to Englewood Cliffs--world HQ, CNBC and am raring to go after civic duty fulfilled. You are giddy when you finish!

Jim Cramer in New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Hope you are coming to this NCJU speech (njcu..edu) because I am signing books. Haters come argue with me, but be civil and focused

Jim Cramer in Everett, WA, USA

Drats!!! RT @chachichajoe: was in Costco today in Everett and the one stack of your book is buried behind 100 stacks of Doris Goodwin books

Jim Cramer in Cleveland, OH, USA

Going to WMJI, Cleveland, KLIF, Dallas, and WLS, Chicago shortlly.

Jim Cramer in NBC's Studio 1A, New York, NY, USA

Going on Today Show tomorrow to talk markets and ideas from Get Rich Carefully....themes...Bankables..7:02 a.m. Thanks!

Jim Cramer in Las Vegas, NV, USA

Actually not must win! RT @FreakisBack14: Message received. Thank you Might as well go to Vegas. BTW, good luck Sunday night. Must win game

Jim Cramer in Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

Just saw Jim Cramer is here, chatting it up with Benioff #DF13

Jim Cramer in Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

Just saw Jim Cramer! #df13 #marketing

Jim Cramer in San Francisco, CA, USA

Huge day ahead at $CRM--are you ready SkiDaddy-coming from SF for the day!

Jim Cramer in London Underground Tube, City of London, UK

Spotted Jim Cramer on the tube a few minutes ago -- he looks good without his clown makeup.

Jim Cramer in Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Fabulous fun to watch the #NFL commercial with @DrOz and his son, Oliver, in the box at the Eagles game!

Jim Cramer in NBC's Studio 1A, New York, NY, USA

Going in to Today show now, and then later will be on @SquawkStreet of course

Jim Cramer in Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Just seen @jimcramer here on the jumbotron at the eagles game

Celebrity Spotting: Jim Cramer in Mexico

My bad, I meant to write Nieto, I also like $EWW and am a HUGE believer in Mexico as a place to buy real estate.. Not too late to get in

Latest Celebrity News: Jim Cramer in Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

You were a delight! RT @BrettLeeMD: thanks again for having me on the show. Come check out Fish Bar restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Celebrity Check-In: Jim Cramer in Saint-Tropez, France

@flacqua Yes it is Nathaniel Bullard!-smart guy..Right pronunciation! $SCTY what a short squeeze! Gotta get to St. Tropez myself!

Latest Spotting: Jim Cramer in Madison, NJ, USA

Going in to teach a finance class at Madison High, in Madison New Jersey!!

Just Spotted: Jim Cramer in Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA

Hats off to the #MMNova team--$GNC and $DHI, two of their investment ideas, up huge! Villanova Equity Society totally rocks!

Top Arena Sighting: Jim Cramer in New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA

Those of you who like lacrosse, and i do cause i live in Summit, NJ--Saturday is the Big City Classic at Giant Stadium. Go @NDlacrosse

Celebrity HotSpot: Jim Cramer in United States

You were missed!! RT@herbgreenberg: Back in the USA.