Real Time Spotting: Barack Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

President Obama spotted at local DC cafe with daughters Sasha and Malia

by CelebrityNewzzz    2 years ago

Barack Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

@NiallOfficial I just saw president Obama in DC how cool is that!

Barack Obama in Grand Central Station, New York, NY, USA

Just saw President Obama on my way to Grand Central Station #IloveNYC

Barack Obama in Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA

Totally just saw Mr. President Obama taking a leisurely drive down Constitution Ave. Perfect end to this field trip! http://t.co/DnO0DnQpHH

Barack Obama in New York City, NY, USA

Just seen president obama in his escorts and 17 limos come down the road #newyork

Barack Obama in W 56th St, New York, NY, USA

Just saw President Obama driving down 56th St :-)

Barack Obama and Wendy Davis in LBJ Presidential Library, Austin, TX, USA

Just seen President Obama, Julian Castro and Wendy Davis depart!!! #CivilRightsSummit

Barack Obama in Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, TX, USA

Always late Pres Obama just landed in Austin. SXSW was last month. http://t.co/ebmENRwKC9

Barack Obama in Bottlefork, Chicago, IL, USA

Spotted: President Obama Digs into a Steak; A Slew of Stars at Bottlefork - Michigan Avenue Magazine: Spotted:... http://t.co/gK9z0cD4zh

Barack Obama in St. Louis, MO, USA

Just saw a barrack Obama ave. in St. Louis...I veto that shit

Barack Obama in Roma, Italy

Barack Obama spotted @Colosseo with Franchino er Gladiatore, Pippo er botticellaro and other 5 magnapaneatradimento.

Barack Obama and Pope Francis in Vatican City, Roma, Italy

President Obama just met with Pope Francis for the first time. More, ahead on @CBSThisMorning: http://t.co/PTH60BaG2Z

Barack Obama in Belgium

Barack Obama just landed in my country! Welcome to Belgium sir @BarackObama

Barack Obama in Brussels, Belgium

@camanpour President Obama arriving in a few minutes at Brussels, Belgium.

Barack Obama in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just saw Barack Obama passing my house on his way to Rembrandt Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum Msterdam. I said hello man!

Barack Obama in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA

We definitely just saw President Obama, VP Biden, and the Prime Minister of Ireland leaving the Capitol!

Barack Obama in New York City, NY, USA

Pres #Obama spotted shopping in #NYC #Gap, Msgr Sullivan asks, What’s the bigger picture? http://t.co/K5mtXFz94b #minimumwage #raisethewage

Barack Obama in New York City, NY, USA

Spotted: Barack Obama Shopping at Gap in New York City: Last month, timeless retail giant Gap made a bold stat... http://t.co/HnFAsFUmYL

Barack Obama in Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA

Spotted President Obama in the Upper East Side

Barack Obama in New York City, NY, USA

Just saw the #POTUS touch down in NYC. I guess working near Wall Street has its perks.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in South Florida, FL, USA

Just saw them leave : President Obama and the First Lady have arrived in South Florida. http://t.co/FW4Wi8pia5”

Barack Obama in Bethesda, MD, USA

Just saw the president Obama motorcade passing by my work :-)

Barack Obama in Florida, USA

Barack Obama sighting in Florida. http://t.co/YS8Hbeiq26

Barack Obama in Connecticut, USA

Just saw the POTUS motorcade pass down 91 behind my work. That was pretty damn cool. Advance chopper circled over me 2 check me out 1st

Barack Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

@kickoutblog @KickStunner President Obama spotted in Washington, DC

Barack Obama in White House, Washington, DC, USA

Barack Obama has just met with directors of CIA & NSA, as well as defence secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs chairman, in the West Wing.