Real Time Spotting: Barack Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

President Obama spotted at local DC cafe with daughters Sasha and Malia

by CelebrityNewzzz    2 years ago

Barack Obama in San Jacinto, CA, USA

Just saw the #POTUS motorcade go down San Jacinto , FYI people leaving downtown... #bayoucity

Barack Obama in Hallandale Beach, FL, USA

Just saw a Barack Obama Blvd in Hallandale

Barack Obama in White House, Washington, DC, USA

Today's News Photo: President Obama puts down his pen after signing 'The Iron Dome bill' in the Oval Office - @dou... http://t.co/lB8Dnx6rzG

Barack Obama in Kansas City, MO, USA

Just met President Obama at dinner in Kansas City!! Had to take a selfie despite the secret service warning no pics. http://t.co/O3K2MnyCsB

Barack Obama in 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just saw President Obama @BarackObama at the Farmers Market & 3rd Street - in LA. So very Cool. Go Mr. President! http://t.co/uhwayN3FL7

Barack Obama in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA, USA

Bumped into President Obama today in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. What a great pleasure! http://t.co/1p8L2Vo3kQ

Barack Obama in Los Angeles, CA, USA

My dad just saw President Obama drive by in LA..

Barack Obama in San Francisco, CA, USA

Just saw President Obama in San Francisco. I have something to cross off my bucket list..

Barack Obama in Lake Washington, WA, USA

I just saw president Obama. Well, kind of...I saw his 12 black-cars and some motorcycles while crossing the 520 bridge over lake Washington

Barack Obama in White House, Washington, DC, USA

Just about saw Mr. Barack Obama land in his helicopter at the White House today #soclose

Barack Obama in New York City, NY, USA

President Obama is spotted -- and filmed -- while working out.

Barack Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

Just saw President Obama in his helicopter #DClife

Barack Obama in Central Park, New York, NY, USA

My sister just saw Barack Obama in Central Park

Barack Obama in E 67th St, New York, NY, USA, USA

pretty sure I just saw Barack Obama speeding down 67th st.

Barack Obama in Delaware, USA

Pres. Obama just landed in Delaware for an event. Press Secy says Obama spoke with #Putin today about different issue (sanctions). #breaking

Barack Obama in Montgomery County, MD, USA

Spotted: President Obama Golfing in Montgomery County http://t.co/S7tsPp97ex

Barack Obama in Avenel, NJ, USA

Spotted Pres. Obama playing Golf today at Avenel Golf Club, Potomac, Md. # @BarackObama

Barack Obama in Texas, USA

Woot Woot! We Just Seen President Obama :)))

Barack Obama in Park Ave, Denver, CO, USA

Just saw the #POTUS motorcade go down Park Ave. in Denver! So cool!

Barack Obama in Denver, CO, USA

Celebrity News: Barack Obama Offered Pot in Denver, Passes on The Dutchie http://t.co/kLUrnPATCi http://t.co/cZWBG1kZas

Barack Obama in Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Just saw Barack Obama walking in Times Square... #what

Barack Obama in Georgetown, Washington, DC, USA

Just saw President Obama drive by in Georgetown. Coolest experience of my life

Barack Obama in Dumfries, VA, USA

Just saw Barack Obama at the barracks!!! #awesome #potus #marinebarrackswashington http://t.co/x85Xm3UGBk

Barack Obama in Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Just saw president Obama at lake Harriet. http://t.co/dEZDHAjbci

Barack Obama in Minneapolis, MN, USA

Impressed that Pres Obama just landed in MSP to celebrate the inaugural @Condor_America MSP-FRA flight today! ;) Party tonight @ Terminal 2!