Latest Celebrity Location: Joey Essex in Maidstone, Kent, UK

Just seen joey essex but cba to cue to meet him #notthatbigofastar

by amiehine2412    1 year ago

Joey Essex in England, UK

Back in England and ive just seen the Joey essex album advert. Glad I got back in time to buy one before they all sold out

Joey Essex in Sanctum Soho Hotel, Westminster, UK

Omg just bumped into Joey Essex at the @sanctumhotels in Soho so sick! http://t.co/VIlRkERqSe

Joey Essex in London, UK

LOOOL, just saw Joey Essex and Kirk in the Car next to mee

Joey Essex in South Africa

@AmberCartello I saw Educating Joey Essex, just move to South Africa, it would be a calm ting

Joey Essex in London, UK

Day 2 at #AWEurope just saw Joey Essex

Joey Essex in House Of Smith, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

@lauramuckles @RachelAtch @Rubysmammy just seen tht joey Essex is guna be in Ncastle on Good Friday in house of smith n floritas we Gota go!

Joey Essex in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK


Joey Essex in Lakeside Shopping Centre, Grays, Essex, UK

Just seen Joey Essex and Charlie sims in topman at lakeside they looked majorly pissed off

Joey Essex in The Shard, London, UK

bumped into Joey Essex and Sam and Billie Faiers in the shard n yh they were nice http://t.co/lhNrSGBFnJ

Joey Essex in County of Essex, UK

Just saw Joey Essex. Touch

Joey Essex in London, UK

On the plus side I just saw Joey Essex and a musical motorbike

Joey Essex in London, UK

@sofiemidders16 went to London today, she bumped into JOEY ESSEX, then the dude from THE LOVABLE ROGUES #WTH

Joey Essex in Ilford, Greater London, UK

Just met joey Essex! Omg

Joey Essex in Stratford, London, UK

For any of you die hard TOWIE fans, I just saw Joey Essex in Zara, Stratford.

Joey Essex in Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Swear to god i just saw Joey Essex in Edinburgh Airport!!!!!

Joey Essex in Sugar Hut Village, Brentwood, Essex, UK

Via @MarkMeets : Joey Essex spotted outside Sugar Hut during TOWIE filming http://t.co/mQYRp0pBVI

Joey Essex in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

My mum just met Joey Essex in Tesco... Wow

Joey Essex in Ealing, London, UK

just seen joey essex at work defo a ringer for @jacobmurtagh

Joey Essex in Manchester, UK

Just seen Joey Essex in Manchester hahhahaha hiya pal

Joey Essex in Chelmsford, UK

In Chelmsford for the weekend. Sightings of Joey Essex thus far: 0

Joey Essex in Pompey, Portsmouth, UK


Joey Essex in Iceland

Just saw Joey Essex in Iceland swear down he was buying cheerios because he said he was upset

Joey Essex in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Bluewater, UK

Just seen joey Essex in bluewater.... Oh no just a bloke with the same clothes and hair cut There he is that's... http://t.co/8TC80bP5eL

Joey Essex in Meadowhall Shopping Mall, Sheffield, UK

Just seen Joey Essex in meadowhall wtf wtf wtf

Joey Essex in Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland

@JoeyEssex_ @neonmanagement just met joey Essex in Dublin Airport #reem http://t.co/q6PAfMdJOC