Celebrity Check-In: Lil Boosie in Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA, USA

Halftime gonna be live ..just seen Lil Boosie back stage...

by LCPPhotography    1 year ago

Lil Boosie in Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA, USA

http://t.co/GvJUlRvdXB - Spotted®: Lil Boosie concert at the Savannah Civic Center http://t.co/0QZRFpE1JU

Lil Boosie in The Strip, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Swear I just saw lil boosie on the strip

Lil Boosie in New Orleans, LA, USA

In new Orleans just saw lil boosie. Still wanna fucking leave. #ihatesouthwest

Lil Boosie in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Grapevine, TX, USA

I just met Lil Boosie at the Dallas Airport!!!!!

Lil Boosie in Civic Center / Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA, USA, USA

Lil Boosie spotting in Little Tokyo

Lil Boosie in Minnesota, USA

Lil Boosie & Miguel spotted in MN again! They must be working on a new project together or something? http://t.co/IlQxtMnxwL

Lil Boosie in Wilmington, DE, USA

I LITTERALLY just met lil boosie in Wilmington #sohyped

Lil Boosie in Alexandria, NSW, Australia

Omg my mom just met lil boosie at her hotel in alexandria!!

Lil Boosie and Ya Boy in Jamaica Ave, New York, NY, USA

Just seen ya boy lil boosie on jamaica ave .. Jewelry blinging n all dat

Lil Boosie in Louisville, KY, USA

Im pretty sure I just saw lil boosie is coming to Louisville May 2nd! I just might have to go!

Lil Boosie in Austin City Limits, Austin, TX, USA

I just seen Lil Boosie’s name in small font on the #ACL lineup list.

Lil Boosie in Opry Mills, Nashville, TN, USA

Just seen Lil Boosie at Opry Mills.

Lil Boosie in The Mall at Green Hills, Nashville, TN, USA

I just seen lil boosie at green hills mall

Lil Boosie in Lakeland, FL, USA

Just saw lil boosie walking in lakeland

Lil Boosie in New York City, NY, USA

Lil Boosie spotted in NYC yesterday http://t.co/UjKsvCRlQ4

Lil Boosie in Kansas City, MO, USA

Lil Boosie spotted in Kansas City http://t.co/10FmsAkL9i

Lil Boosie in Savannah, GA, USA

Around 67% sure I just saw lil boosie walking the streets of Savannah

Lil Boosie in Texas, USA


Lil Boosie in Whole Foods Market - Arabella Station, New Orleans, LA, USA

Just saw Lil Boosie at Whole Foods buying kale.

Lil Boosie in Irving Mall, Irving, TX, USA

Thought I just seen lil boosie at Irving mall. It was just another black nigga with a boosie fade

Lil Boosie in Spring Hill, TN, USA

Lil Boosie spotting on K skreet. Better hurry up I over head him talking about heading to spring hill next. #256

Lil Boosie in Atlanta, GA, USA

Swear i just seen lil boosie in Atlanta

Lil Boosie in Dallas, TX, USA

I just saw Lil Boosie on the side of the highway picking up trash...I guess he already started his community service.

Lil Boosie in Midtown East, New York, NY, USA

Just Seen LiL Boosie on The East Side shoveling snow for his work release program.. Nigga had traffic stopped!!!! #BoosieHome

Lil Boosie in Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, USA

I swear I just saw lil boosie at dcc