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Further enhance your existing technology ecosystem by publishing personalized content with one click.

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You are in good company
Daniel Ferdinand Larsen KPMG Denmark

Our conversion rate has doubled after just 3 months with Smarp! On top of that, I am convinced that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Daniel Ferdinand Larsen, KPMG Denmark
Marissa Kraines Salesforce

After a rigorous evaluation, we chose Smarp to be the technology partner best suited to help us build our own best-in-class employee advocacy program.

Marissa Kraines, Salesforce
Diana Macovei Swarovski

We believe that our employees’ personal growth is key to our business success. Smarp was the answer — a place where our employees could start engaging conversations around the company’s milestones and the latest industry news.

Diana Macovei, Swarovski
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