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What do you know about the employee

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Allows for collaboration and discussion with relevant co-workers

Employee advocacy

Advocacy is a result of engagement

Everything is measured

Shohil Kothari MuleSoft
Shohil Kothari MuleSoft

We’ve seen a lot of engagement in terms of our sales hiring, where we do blog career posts around sales. It adds a lot of credibility to the organization when the people working here share and are enthusiastic about their role.

Read case study
Read case study
Rebecca Biddulph BDO Australia
Rebecca Biddulph BDO Australia

Smarp has been a valued addition to BDO in Australia’s communication channels. We can now connect our team members across the country... This empowers our people to easily and regularly share business information and insights.

Read case study
Read case study
Jennifer Guy Wilmington PLC
Jennifer Guy Wilmington PLC

In a connected world, social media plays an ever-increasing role in helping companies do business. Smarp makes it easy for people to share high-quality content, raise awareness of the Wilmington brand and drive traffic to our websites.

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