Change Management

In times of change, communication is the glue that holds an organization together.

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Make sure everyone is on board by communicating facts

In the absence of official communication, employees will communicate their own information. That can become especially troublesome in change management, where the goal is to align your employees around a new, common practice.

3 issues hindering change management communications

Understanding why

Employees have plenty of information on what is going to change, but not the benefits arising from it.

Lack of visibility

Employees not being reached through the channels and platforms they actually use, leading to communications not being read.

Infrequent comms

Lack of frequent and consistent communications that can negatively affect employee trust in change management situations.

How Smarp helps you in change management

Establish a single source of truth

Smarp enables you to deliver your communications at scale to your entire organization. Additionally, allow your senior management and executives to communicate with their departments and teams to establish transparency and credibility.

Reach across all channels and platforms

Reach your employees whether they are at their computer or on their mobile device. Furthermore, amplify your message across all your communication channels, including email, intranet, chat and more. All at the click of a button.

Provide a forum for discussion

True communication is always a two-way conversation. Provide your employees with a medium through which to ask questions and request clarification on your change initiatives.

Reach the right people

Different employees might be affected differently by change. Make sure your communications are purposeful and relevant thanks to enterprise segmenting and targeting in Smarp.

Translate important updates

Make sure that language barriers don’t stop you from getting crucial information across. Translate content and comments on the fly to support a multilingual workforce.

Measurements of success

Use AI-powered insights and stay in the know about which employees and groups are engaging with your messages. Measure the success of your change management programs to prove tangible bottom-line business effect.

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