Employee Communication

Communicate across the entire organization with a platform that reaches every employee with relevant content.

Unique content distribution structure

Smarp lets you deliver the right information to the right person at the right time through an intelligent distribution system.

Distribute content to employees based on attributes such as their role, location, language and more.

Combine internal and external communication

Why choose between intranets and employee advocacy solutions? Smarp provides the best of both worlds in one platform.

Combine internal only communication with externally shareable content for an engaging communications channel.

Two-way communication

Foster discussion around relevant topics between employees around the globe. You don’t always even have to know who the relevant parties are - Smarp finds them for you.


Did you know that knowledge workers spend 2.5 hours per day searching for information? Imagine what could be done with that time?

With Smarp, you can be confident that relevant information finds you rather than the other way around.


Smarp’s powerful analytics suite ensures that you are constantly in the know of how your communications are resonating with your employees.

What content is being read? Which messages create the most discussion? Answer these questions through actionable insights that help hone best practices.

You are in good company
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