Crisis Communications

Make sure you reach all employees with instant and efficient communications during times of crisis.

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Respond swiftly to crisis, no matter how big or small

A crisis can happen at any moment. Crisis situations and the way they are handled can often define the future of an organization – for better or for worse. While a crisis can arise in many shapes and forms, the handling of it often starts with communication.

Common challenges in crisis communications

Reach the right people

Establish a single source of truth

Measure the impact of comms

Here’s how Smarp helps you

Make communication real-time

When a crisis arises, time is of the essence. Notify employees to make sure they hear about it from you.

Keep a constant eye on the media landscape

Use the power of A.I. to process and analyze millions of media messages a day in order to surface relevant developments to the right employee at the right time.

Confirm reads for critical communications

Seeing a message is one thing. Understanding it is another. Request read confirmations for critical messages and keep track of engagement.

Enable managers to communicate quickly with their teams

Oftentimes your managers and team leaders in the field are best equipped to deliver messages to their teams. Use our permission levels to delegate communication rights to the people that know best.

Make everything relevant

Different employees need different information. Send information that is relevant to each and every individual based on their location, department, language and more.

Make information accessible anywhere

Employees need information no matter where they are. Publish communications through mobile, web, intranet, email and more at the push of a button.

Ensure that you are being heard

Stay up-to-date on which messages are being read and by which departments, teams and individuals. Go deep using AI-powered analytics to understand how to enhance your crisis communications. All in real-time.

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Reduce risk with real-time crisis communications

Build trust and get ahead of any crisis with timely, targeted communications through Smarp.

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