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The perfect solution for the employee that needs to stay informed while at their desk.

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Reach every employee with relevant communications.

Our Desktop Experience makes communicating with wired employees a breeze. Give employees a single source to access the information they need to be successful in their work – directly from their web browser.

Streamline communications

Bring comms from all sources under one roof.

Reduce information overload

Not all communications are relevant to all employees. Increase employee engagement by making sure all content an employee see is highly relevant to them.

Save time

Use our integrations and automations to free up valuable time to get more work done.

Personalized comms at scale

Allow each and every employee in your organization to personalize what information they receive.

Ensure that important messages are read

Even though each employee has a unique feed of information, make some messages mandatory for certain groups of people. Segment these messages by attributes such as role, department, location, language and more.

Easy access

The news feed isn’t the only way to access information. Use our search to look up past news and use bookmarks to build your own, personalized comms archive.

Add context to your communications

Who is the update from? Where are they located? What is their role? Give context to your communications and help employees engage with co-workers they would otherwise hardly know.

Customized for your organization

Customize the look and feel of our web application to adhere to brand guidelines.

You are in good company
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How can our Desktop Experience help you?

In addition to what we overviewed here, the Smarp Desktop Experience has around 500 features that allow you to better align and engage your workforce.