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Amplify your messaging through your most valuable asset, your employees.

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Employee advocacy, re-designed for the enterprise

Employee advocacy can be a high-impact channel to create growth. However, traditional employee advocacy typically isn’t personalized for the employee. This results in lower engagement and, in the long run, less growth. We are here to change that.

How employee advocacy helps you grow

92% of people trust recommendations from their peers over any other form of advertising

Employee shared posts reach 561% further than posts by corporate social media profiles

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Leads generated through employee advocacy are 7 times more likely to convert

Superior employee advocacy through personalization

Advocacy is a result of engagement

We strongly believe that advocacy is a result of engagement. The best way to engage your employees is to make sure they receive the right content at the right time. Smarp helps you achieve this by making it effortless for your employees to receive timely, relevant content.

One-click sharing

Once employees engage with content that is relevant to them, we make it as easy as possible to share the message onwards.

Smart Share

Having a tough time figuring out when to share content with your networks? Use Smart Share to automatically schedule posts to be shared to social media at the optimal time.

Keyword blocking

Guarantee that the content and messages shared by your ambassadors are compliant with company guidelines by managing the keywords in outgoing messages.

Employee-driven content

Employee advocacy is everyone’s business. Give employees the ability to create and consume employee-driven content to help strengthen your advocacy program.

Enterprise program management

Thanks to our user permission levels, Smarp makes managing an employee advocacy program a piece of cake – even at an enterprise scale. Empower managers and trusted employees to help manage your program to help boost engagement.

Gamify the experience

Let employees see how well they stack up with their peers in driving traffic and engagement to the messages they share. Additionally, our industry-leading influencer index, SmarpScore, helps employees improve their thought leadership position in their networks.

The most advanced analytics in the industry

Use our powerful analytics to continuously improve your employee advocacy program. See exactly which content creates the most buzz across the company or drill down in order to see the performance of regions, teams and individuals.

Smarp also utilizes UTM parameters which allows you to take tracking to the platforms you already use, such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce and more.

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How MuleSoft drives business impact through employee advocacy

MuleSoft was looking for a solution that could enable them to acquire leads from new sources. Additionally, they were aiming to expand the thought leadership of their employees and executive team.

To achieve this, they decided to launch an employee advocacy program through Smarp. Smarp allowed MuleSoft to effortlessly distribute relevant content to their employees at scale. Additionally, the platform empowered employees to share content with their networks at the click of a button.

Through Smarp, MuleSoft has been able to transform 90% of its employees into brand ambassadors that regularly share company content with their networks. This, in turn, has helped them source leads from previously untapped sources as well as lower their overall Cost Per Lead (CPL).

You're in good company
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Help employees amplify your messages externally

Better employee advocacy starts with employee engagement. Book a consultation to learn more about our approach to empowering employees to become true brand advocates.

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