Employee Experience

Boost employee experience through communication

Employee experience is all about creating an environment where employees want to work. Smarp makes it easy for you to champion your brand internally and ensure that employees are committed and engaged from day one.

What is employee experience?

A winning employee experience requires creating a shared understanding of the vision and mission of your company.  This happens through transparent, relevant communications and a brand experience that resonates with your employees. When this happens, employees are less likely to churn, more likely to advocate and will work for the benefit of the company.

Companies with positive employee experience realize 24-59% less employee turnover.

Business benefits

The benefits of an exceptional employee experience range from recruitment and enhancing company culture all the way to increasing employee retention rates and engagement. Additionally, positive employee experience can enhance financial performance such as customer retention, revenue and profitability.

Employee benefits

When employee experience is high, it’s not just the company that benefits. Employees are more likely to enjoy their work and the contribution they have. This leads to less stress, less absenteeism and more comfort.

Why does a good employee experience matter?

You are in good company

Employee experience in numbers

Seeing how your employees are experiencing their job is crucial for any company. Smarp gives you deep analytics on what content is resonating with different departments, regions and individual employees so you can enhance the experience further.

Keep employees happy

Not only does positive employee experience lead to lower employee turnover, it also reduces absenteeism. Companies with positive employee experience and high engagement see a 41% reduction in absenteeism.

Boost profitability

Organizations that score in the top 25% in employee experience realize 3x higher return on assets.


Learn how to boost employee engagement and experience with communication tools.