Employer Branding

Create an environment where people want to work through a strong employer brand.

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Creating a strong employer brand starts from within

Your employees are the internal customers of the company and are the first ones to experience its brand and values. Your employer brand is the identity of your company and dictates how your employees, as well as everyone else, experiences it.

3 factors stopping you from enhancing employer brand

Lack of shared understanding of company vision and mission

Low employee engagement with company messaging

Employees not encouraged to share their voice

Boosting your employer brand with Smarp

Champion your brand internally

Smarp gives you the opportunity to effortlessly inform your workforce about what is going on with your brand. This helps create a brand experience that functions both internally and externally.


A winning employer brand requires creating a shared understanding of the vision and mission of your company. Allow employees to connect with the vision of the organization by providing transparent communications on goals, milestones and more.

Support employees throughout the employee journey

Keep employee experience high from day one. Provide them with a single source to get the most important information on areas such as policy changes, personnel updates, industry trends and more.

Project your brand externally

Combining your employer branding materials with our Advocacy Amplifier feature helps you project your brand image through your employees. When employees are encouraged to participate in employer branding, the benefits range from attracting top talent all the way to driving revenue.

Data-driven employer branding

Benefit from AI-powered analytics that give you actionable insights on how employees are interacting with your brand and messaging. Adjust your strategy on the go and make data-driven decisions that move the needle.

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How BDO in Australia reached over 3 million people using Smarp

BDO in Australia, part of the BDO global organization, was faced with a tough issue. While they were creating great content, not all of their employees were engaging with it. With this in mind, they wanted to encourage partners and staff to use social media more actively and proactively in order to grow personal brands, strengthen client relationships as well as increase the reach and brand recognition of the organization.

BDO in Australia decided to bring in Smarp to do just that. The organization decided to use Smarp to make sure that BDO-related content and industry news were spread internally and externally in a more effective way.

Not only did Smarp help BDO in Australia improve its internal communications strategy by giving employees an easier way to catch up on BDO news, it also generated tangible external branding. Within 9 months of implementing Smarp, BDO in Australia was able to generate 13.94K unique clicks, 13.70k reactions as well as reach 3.67M people on social media through Smarp brand ambassadors.

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