Employee Experience

Create an environment where people want to work by delivering relevant content throughout the employee journey.

Champion your brand

Your employees are the internal customers of the company and are the first ones to experience its brand and values.

Smarp gives you the opportunity to effortlessly inform your workforce about what is going on with your brand. This helps create a brand experience that functions both internally and externally.

Create a shared understanding of company vision

A winning employee experience requires creating a shared understanding of the vision and mission of your company.

Allow employees to connect with the vision of the organization by providing transparent communications on goals, milestones and more.

Engage employees

Engage your workforce through two-way conversation between management and employees around relevant topics to build an aligned and committed workforce.

Attract top talent

Job seekers today can afford to be choosy. Make sure you are sending them the right message in order to get their interest.

Show off your brand and company as a place to work at and leverage practices such as social recruiting to build a pipeline of talent.

Employee journey

Keep employee experience high from day one. Provide them with a single source to get the most important information on areas such as policy changes, personnel updates, industry trends and more.

Whether it is distributing on-boarding materials or making a personal introduction to the whole company, Smarp makes the employee journey a breeze.

Be data driven

Measuring employee experience isn’t easy. Unless you are using Smarp.

Our platform gives you insights on how employees are interacting with your brand and messaging, making it easy for you to improve and build an experience that resonates.

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