Why Smarp

Nordic design meets enterprise software: beautiful, easy and intuitive.

Content discovery

Flexible structure for consuming, organizing and sharing content. Employee-driven, personalized, measurable.

Personalized news feed

The Smarp news feed serves as the center point for content discovery, ensuring employees stay up to date with company news and industry trends. Employees can subscribe to the topics they are interested in, and the news feed provides everyone with a personalized, filtered view.

Share and store key content

Create mandatory channels to make sure no key content goes unnoticed and allow users to bookmark the content that interests them the most to build their own, personalized content archives. Store your most important resources in the Smarp resource center for fast access.

Employee-driven content

In addition to company curated content, engage your employees by letting them create and consume employee generated content.

Measure and improve

Everything in Smarp is measurable which helps you quickly find out what content resonates with your employees. Improve your content strategy by doubling-down on what’s working.

Employee advocacy

You are in good company



Everything is measured
Get a detailed overview of the overall platform performance metrics, drill down to the most active users or even the most resonating content - Benefit from a data-driven approach.

User metrics

Find your most active users

Post metrics

Find your most engaging content

Data filtering

Filter data to see specific metrics related to department, team and more

URL tracking

UTM tags measure users and content driving conversions


How to boost internal communication and employee engagement in the workplace



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