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We know you work with a lot of different tools. Now let’s make those tools work together.

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Integrations to All Your Tools

Whether you are interested in user management, communications channels, or social networks, we got you covered. Pull and push data to wherever you may need it.

Single Sign-On

No one wants the hassle of maintaining a bunch of usernames and passwords. Enable employees to log in using their existing company accounts in order to maximize engagement.

User Management

Automatically grant or remove access whenever an employee joins or leaves the company. Seamlessly update user profiles based on the attributes in your user management system.

Communication Channels

Consolidate all your communication channels under a single platform and enable personalized, targeted communications delivery regardless of the channels your people use.

Content Management

Our integrations allow you to enhance the reach of your content management systems by automatically delivering content from them to relevant employees across the company.

File Hosting

File hosting services can easily become a graveyard for content. We help bring this content back to life by allowing you to automatically distribute, view, and collaborate on files and communications living in your file hosting services.


Automatically pull content from the web based on your favorite sources, keywords, topics, and more. Additionally, take your communications to the next level by harnessing the power of A.I. to surface relevant developments to the right employee at the right time.

Enable different integrations in different situations

Do you use different identity providers in different regions? Or perhaps different file hosting solutions with different teams? Smarp makes it easy to integrate with the tools you use, even if different groups of employees have different systems in place.


Push analytics data from Smarp to any BI tool, data warehouse, or data engine to enable communications and advocacy reporting on the dashboards you already use.

Don’t see the integration you need? No problem!


Integrate with thousands of other tools through our Zapier app and their easy point-and-click interface.

Microsoft Power Automate

Take your Microsoft Office Suite to the next level with our MS Power Automate integration.


Leverage our powerful API to connect Smarp with any tool you are using. Let us know what you need, and we’ll guide you through it.

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Is your communications ecosystem connected?

Take your communications program to the next level through integration.