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Connect your management team with their employees, from HQ to front line.

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Foster the most important relationship in the company

Communication between managers and their teams is arguably the most important factor for success in a business environment. It makes sure that everyone is focusing on the right things and aligns everyone around a common goal.

How to excel at manager communications


Communicate frequently. Too often managers will look at communication as a check-the-box type of activity. In reality, employees need (and often prefer) to hear messages multiple times.


Strive for transparency. Even if they don’t explicitly state it, your employees want to know what’s going on with the business and how they can contribute.


Be approachable. A good manager is easy to engage and communicate with. As a manager, always think about how to make it easy for your employees to approach you.

Empower managers

Use our user permission levels to empower managers to publish important updates on your channels.

Real-time communication

Communicate frequently and in real-time and reach your employees across mobile, desktop, email, intranet and more with the click of a button. Furthermore, make sure employees are notified about your most crucial updates with instant, targeted notifications.

Consolidated comms ecosystem

A fragmented communications ecosystem can cause disengagement with manager communications. Smarp helps you consolidate your comms stack by giving employees a single source to stay informed.

Collaborate through chat

Give employees the ability to connect with their managers and colleagues whenever they need it by enabling secure 1-to-1 and group chat.

Confirm that your messages are read

Request read confirmation for your most important communications to ensure that your message is getting through.

Build relationships

Have conversations with your employees surrounding relevant topics. Discuss freely and out in the open to drive visibility and trust between managers and their teams

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How KPMG enhances their comms with Smarp

KPMG Sweden was looking for a solution that would encourage employees to have more conversations around the business and the industry. Additionally, they wanted a platform that would help them address a key communications issue they were facing – the silo effect.

To enhance their communications program, KPMG brought on Smarp. Smarp immediately enabled KPMG managers to reach the right employee with the right information at the right time, greatly improving the employee experience and engagement with communications. Additionally, Smarp helped facilitate cross-functional communication by allowing employees to subscribe to comms from outside their own department.

This resulted in a more informed, connected and all-in-all productive workforce. Using Smarp has helped employees not only better coordinate their work internally, but has resulted in tangible external benefits as well.

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Keep your teams better informed

Timely notifications and two-way communications are the secret behind the most aligned workforces.