Mergers & Acquisitions

Provide the glue that holds everything together through transparent, targeted and personalized communications during a merger or acquisition.

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Communicate with everyone involved, regardless of organization

Mergers and acquisitions can be a great way to facilitate growth, but it’s not always easy to combine organizations. A solid communication structure and process is vital for success when merging the people and culture of multiple institutions.

Common challenges in M&A communications

Fragmented comms

Lack of common and consistent messaging to all parties involved pre-merger.

Complex structure

Complicated communications structure during merger implementation due to combining of previously separate organizations.


Difficulties in turning the workforce of many into the workforce one during post-merger integration.

How Smarp helps you during a merger or acquisition

Enhance employee loyalty and retention

Avoid inconsistencies in communications during mergers and acquisitions. Make sure each employee gets a unified story to boost loyalty and post-merger retention.

Align culture between all parties

When the cultures being integrated clash with each other, any merger or acquisition is at risk. Smarp allows you to mitigate that by giving your communicators the ability to consistently convey values and vision to all employees.

Reduce uncertainty through frequent, proactive comms

A frequent proactive communications strategy helps put employee concerns to ease on topics such as job security and location during the M&A process. Plan your comms strategy and seamlessly create, curate, schedule and publish messages directly from Smarp.

Purposeful comms through enhanced targeting

Some areas and employees of the business get affected differently than others during a merger or acquisition. Build highly specified and accurate target audiences to ensure that each message to your workforce is purposeful and relevant.

Connect people across organizations

In a merger or acquisition, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between organizations that are being combined. That starts with people. Give employees an intuitive way of learning more about their new colleagues with our built-in people directory.

Give access to the right communications

Give or restrict access to sensitive communications on Smarp to enable distinct audiences within your employee communications program. Ensure that the right people have the right access during a merger or acquisition.

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