Non-Wired Workers

Building a strong relationship with your frontline team is crucial for success. And the basis for any relationship is frequent, transparent communication.

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Engage employees even if they don’t have a wired workstation

Non-wired workers make up over half of the employees worldwide. Making non-wired employees feel part of a team can be a daunting task, but also comes with high rewards. Engaging non-wired employees starts with your communication strategy.

Three pillars of non-wired worker communication

Engaging workers through middle managers

Enabling mobile communications

Leverage digital signage

Communicating with a non-wired workforce with Smarp

Reach everyone

Smarp provides full functionality to reach your workers whether they work at a desk or on the shop floor. Reach workers on their mobile phones or through channels such as Digital Signage at the press of a button.

Frequency is key

Plan ahead and stick to your schedule. Create and curate weeks worth of communications in Smarp to make sure employees are being engaged regularly.

Communicate ad hoc

Don’t limit yourself to scheduled communications. Post messages through Smarp ad hoc from your computer or mobile device using our Creation & Aggregation Studio.

Bring the frontline together through chat

Remove the need for unsecure, 3rd party communications tools. Allow your non-wired teams to communicate business information safely and securely with easy-to-use, built-in messaging functionality directly on Smarp.

Make sure messages are relevant

Smarp enables you to make some messages mandatory, but also allows employees to tune in to optional topics of interest using our simple subscription structure. Keep engagement high by providing a mix of nice-to-have information as well as must-read communications.

Access important resources and files

Use secure file upload to provide a single source for employees to quickly locate important resources such as policy documents, safety information, requisition forms and more.

Add context to your communications

Who is the update from? Where are they located? What is their role? The importance of giving context to communications is even higher with a Non-Wired Workforce.

Access without a company email

Have some workers that don’t have company emails? No problem. Give employees the ability to access Smarp with a personal email or phone number.

Survey your non-wired workers

Quickly get the pulse of what’s going on with your workforce by distributing relevant surveys and polls to all your employees – whether they work at a desk or on the shop floor.

Facilitate discussion

When communicating with un-wired and remote workers, you are often missing the context of each person’s situation. Allow employees to discuss relevant topics with their co-workers and managers, directly on the Smarp feed.

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American Medical Association goes mobile-first with Smarp

The American Medical Association was looking for a mobile-first communications platform that would make it easy for their members to access and engage with AMA content at their convenience, no matter where they are located.

The AMA shares with its members a wide range of materials and content such as medical guidelines, surveys, podcasts, conference publications, health policies and research reports on various topics — from cardiovascular disease treatments to the use of AI in physician training programs or guidelines on how to treat COVID-19 patients. Because this information gets updated regularly, the challenge was giving a centralized, mobile place for members to stay up-to-date.

That's why AMA decided to bring in Smarp as their Employee Communications platform. With Smarp, the American Medical Association has crafted a new mobile-first communications strategy that allows them to easily reach AMA members with shareable information that they can use to engage with other prospective members and current members, no matter where they are located. Residents, medical students and physicians can now easily catch up with the latest materials created for them to help them be successful.

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How do you communicate with your non-wired workforce?

We help hundreds of companies communicate with employees that aren't at a desk. Reach out for a meeting to find out how.