Partner Communications

Make sure your partners and vendors are always up-to-date with what’s going on in your organization by establishing regular communications.

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Establish regular communication to each and every partner

Partners and vendors are distinct stakeholder groups that need to be communicated with. Smarp enables your partners to receive the communications and information they need to make your partnerships a success.

Common challenges in partner communications


When your organization moves fast, your partners need to move fast too. Without a regular communications program, they may often be left in the dark.


Oftentimes, partners may not be able to even access the channels they need in order to get crucial news, updates and materials.


Not all company news and updates are meant for everyone to see. Making sure the right people have the right permissions to view communications is key.

Here’s how Smarp helps

Turn partnerships into relationships

Establish regular communications and strengthen the bond between you and your partners by providing them with an always on, targeted feed of company news and information.

Partners as ambassadors

Give your partners and vendors the ability to share your brand messaging with their networks. Grow awareness and traffic for your brand, while also generating more sales for you and your partners – a true win-win!

Give and restrict access to your comms

Create guest groups on Smarp to enable distinct audiences within your employee communications program. Ensure that the right people have the right access to the right communications at all times.

Access without a company email

No company email? No problem. Give partners and employees alike the ability to access Smarp with a personal email or phone number.

Secure file hosting and storage

Go beyond providing targeted news and updates and give your partners a single source to access all the documents they require to be successful. From presentations to contract templates, make sure your partners are armed with everything they need.

Find out what your partners are interested in

Read between the lines and find out what information your partners are interested in and what creates the most engagement. Even find out which partners are contributing the most to bottom line business results.

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Scale your comms to work with a remote workforce

Contact us to find out how Smarp can help you communicate effectively with your remote workforce.