Personalized Intranet Feed

Complement your existing intranet with 1-to-1 targeted feeds of information.

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Low engagement on your intranet? You’re not alone.

The intranet is a tool designed decades ago but still used today to communicate with the modern employee. It’s time the intranet evolved. We help with this evolution by publishing your comms from Smarp directly to a personalized feed in your intranet.

3 ways Smarp levels up your intranet

Surface Relevant News

Content hosted on the intranet can be hard to find. We surface fresh and relevant news to each employee.

Central Analytics

Smarp gathers all your analytics into one central dashboard, regardless of channel or device.


Publish once and automate updates to not just your intranet, but to your entire communications stack.

Enhance your reach

Publish from Smarp and reach employees on the intranet. Pair with our Content Booster to further reach employees through whichever channel they prefer.

Save time

Forget clunky and cumbersome content creation on your intranet. Set the feeds up once and automatically post relevant content whenever it’s added to Smarp.

Bring surveys to your intranet

Expand the coverage of your surveys to increase response rates. Engage your employees with surveys and polls directly from your existing intranet.

Bi-directional integration

Smarp can pull news and updates from your existing systems, creating a truly bi-directional integration with your intranet.

You are in good company
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Want to give your employees a personalized communications experience even on the intranet? Then look no further!