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Your hub for creating and publishing content to your workforce at scale.

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Communication made easy

Simply choose your content type, select your target audience and publish away! The Smarp Publishing Studio is your single source for creating and curating communications to every employee.

How Publishing Studio helps you scale your comms


Intuitive design to help you create and publish communications. Faster.


Enables accurate segmentation and targeting of messages to ensure communications are relevant for each employee.


From automated language detection to instant notifications – enables communication on an enterprise scale.

Creation and publishing on both mobile and desktop

Whether you are communicating from your desk or on the go, our Publishing Studio makes it easy for you to operate from any device.

Smarp articles

Create beautiful articles in minutes using our built-in content creation tool. From rich text to engaging visuals, make sure your articles stand out to your employees.

Automated creation from links

Don’t worry about copying & pasting in messages from other channels. If your content is already live, Publishing Studio will create the post for you. All you need is a link!

Image gallery

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Create image galleries with up to 5 images for employees view, discuss and engage with.

Native video

Upload native videos to Smarp directly from desktop or mobile. Using Smarp, any employee in the company can post native video content to help inform their peers.

Choose your target audience

Are you communicating with the entire company? Or only a specific group? Should they be instantly notified or not? Effortlessly tailor your target audience for each post.

Request and track read confirmations

Be sure your communications have been received by the relevant employees with read confirmations and analytics.

Surveys & Polls

Create and distribute beautiful and functional surveys & polls targeted at relevant segments of your workforce. Available instantly across all channels and devices.

Continuously hone your process

View the impact of your communications with our powerful analytics suite to understand what’s working and what needs to be improved.

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Scale your comms with the click of a button

Start publishing communications that reach the right person at the right time and on their preferred device.