Remote Workers

At a time where, suddenly, companies are dealing with a fully dispersed workforce, it’s crucial to keep employees safe and the business connected.

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Most companies are working from as many offices as there are employees.

As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds globally, companies need to communicate effectively in a fully remote setting in order to mitigate business and health concerns. Smarp is a central hub where companies can gather, create and automatically deliver relevant information to each employee in a matter of seconds.

Common challenges communicating with remote employees

Hard to replace face-to-face communication

Establishing a single source of truth

Inability to measure receipt of communication

Here’s where Smarp comes in

Instantly communicate critical messages to the entire company.

Whether your employees are at a desk or on the go, Smarp enables you to reach your remote workers with timely, relevant information.

Boost productivity

Keep your entire company productive by enabling employees to stay informed and engaged, regardless of where they work from.

Bring your team together through chat

Ensure your remote teams stay connected and productive. Allow for 1-to-1 and group chat to enable secure collaboration directly in the Smarp platform.

Modernize the employee experience

We expect a flow of tailored, personalized information in our personal lives. Smarp gives you the opportunity to provide that same experience at work. Always available, always relevant.

Surveys & polls for remote teams

Check the pulse of your organization and get a sense for how employees are feeling. Make sure you know whether your employees are engaged and aligned – even when they are working remote.

Connect your people wherever they are

When working remotely it might be difficult to connect names with faces. Use our built-in people directory to help employees find who they are looking for, who to address questions to, and learn more about their colleagues.

Collaborate on files and documents

Enable your remote workers and teams to quickly access the files they need to get work done. Securely upload, share and collaborate on files and documents directly in the Smarp platform.

Measurement in a remote setting is crucial

Communicating is one thing. Being heard is another. Understand which teams and departments are engaging with your communications and most importantly, get actionable insights on where you need to focus your efforts.

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Scale your comms to work with a remote workforce

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