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Automatically create and send fully personalized and unique newsletters to each employee.

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Like email, but better

Email newsletters are a highly popular way of distributing information in a business. We save you time and help you bring your emails to life by automatically delivering personalized newsletters to every employee.

Typical issues with newsletters:

Static and Poorly Segmented

Everyone either gets the same generic content, or a poorly segmented newsletter through static email distribution lists.


Typical newsletters take too much time to curate and send out.


No insight into what information is being read and what happens with the content afterward.

How Smarp helps level up your newsletters:

Personalized newsletters for everyone

No two newsletters are the same. Content is automatically delivered to each employee based on attributes such as role, department, location, language and more.

Set and forget

Simply create your subject line, email greeting and choose your distribution frequency. Let us handle the rest.

Actionable insights

Benefit from AI-powered analytics that go beyond the data to provide the answers you need to deliver real business results.

You are in good company
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Let us automate your email strategy

Our team has years of experience in crafting email strategies that actually resonate with your employees. Find out how we do it.